Penicillin Medical Identification Jewelry, Necklace

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The Penicillin Medical Identification Necklace with a Penicillin alert is a crucial accessory for individuals with penicillin allergies or medical conditions that require specific identification. This necklace serves as an important medical alert to inform healthcare providers about the wearer's allergy or medical condition related to penicillin.


  • Medical Identification: Clearly identifies the wearer's penicillin allergy or medical condition.
  • Necklace Design: Stylish and functional necklace for everyday wear.
  • Alert Symbol: Includes recognized medical alert symbol for quick identification.
  • Penicillin Alert: Specifically alerts medical professionals about penicillin allergy or related condition.
  • Emergency Information: Provides essential medical information in case of emergencies.
  • Peace of Mind: Offers peace of mind for individuals with specific medical needs.


  • Brand: Penicillin
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Quantity: 3 Necklaces
  • Necklace Length: 24 inches