Men Telescopic Folding Canes Crutches Folding Hiking walk Lightweight

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Model Number: 02Product
Type: Crutch Retractable style high
size: 98-121cm
Foldable style high
size: 105-127cm
Material: ABS Aluminum
Product name 1: Posture cane
Product name 2: Walking stick
product name 3: Walking stick for the elderly product name 4: Folding cane
Product name 5: Aluminum crutches        


 1. A walking stick that helps to improve posture!
2. a unique ergonomic handle that encourages an upright position to help you look forward rather than looking down.
3. The durable 6-pin tip provides 360° traction and allows the cane to stand upright - making it a valuable help for getting up and chairs and sofas.
4. Aluminum shaft with ABS handle.
5. Fold storage and travel.
6. Adjustable height: 37"-46"

Package includes:  1pcs Walking Cane with opp bag  


Product Category: Crutches, Trekking poles
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black Style: Telescopic/Folding Retractable style,
Weight:545g Foldable style, Weight:563g