Stander Millennial Forearm Crutches Pair Fits, charcoal

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The Stander Millennial Forearm Crutches Pair is a mobility aid designed for individuals seeking a more ergonomic and comfortable alternative to traditional underarm crutches. With adjustable forearm cuffs and handles, they offer improved support and reduced strain on the wrists and underarms. These crutches are lightweight, durable, and provide stability for users navigating daily activities. Suitable for individuals facing either temporary or permanent mobility challenges, the Stander Millennial Forearm Crutches Pair offers enhanced comfort and support, with adjustable features to accommodate various needs.

  • Genuine Ergonomic Handle: Experience true ergonomic comfort with the specially designed handle for a natural and comfortable grip.
  • Fully Molded Cuffs: This set includes both small and large fully molded cuffs, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for users of all sizes.
  • Spring-Assisted Lower Posts: Enjoy added convenience and ease of use with spring-assisted lower posts, providing smoother movement and reduced strain.
  • Articulating Crutch Tips: The articulating crutch tips enhance stability and adaptability on various surfaces, ensuring secure footing with each step.
  • Heavy-Duty Construction: Built to withstand rigorous use, these crutches boast heavy-duty construction for durability and reliability in any situation.


  • Brand: Stander
  • Color: Charcoal
  • User Height Range: 5 Feet - 6 Feet 5 Inches
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Item Weight : 2 lbs