Vive Health Moisturizing Socks, Standard

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Vive Health Moisturizing Socks are specially designed to provide nourishment and hydration to dry and cracked feet. With their moisturizing properties and comfortable fit, these socks help improve foot health and promote soft, smooth skin.

  • Moisturizing Fabric: The socks are made from moisturizing fabric that helps retain moisture and deliver nourishing ingredients to the skin, promoting hydration and softness.
  • Hydrating Formula: Infused with hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin E, the socks help soothe dry and cracked skin, leaving feet feeling moisturized and refreshed.
  • Comfortable Fit: Designed for a standard fit, these socks offer a comfortable and snug fit that is suitable for most foot sizes.
  • Reusable: The moisturizing socks are reusable, allowing for repeated use to maintain foot hydration and smoothness.
  • Easy to Use: Simply wear the socks for a recommended duration to allow the moisturizing properties to work effectively on the skin, providing nourishment and hydration.
  • Improves Foot Health: Regular use of moisturizing socks can help improve foot health by preventing dryness, cracking, and roughness, leading to softer and smoother skin.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for daily wear or as part of a foot care routine, these socks are ideal for individuals with dry or rough feet, including those with diabetes or sensitive skin.


  • Brand:ViveHealth
  • Product Type: Moisturizing Socks
  • Size: Standard fit
  • Usage: Hydrates and nourishes dry and cracked feet
  • Application: Suitable for daily wear or foot care routine
  • Reusability: Reusable
  • Pack: Standard pack size