'Nothing Beyond Your Reach'- Blue Jay 30 Inches Big Grip Reacher with Lock

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Blue Jay Nothing Beyond Your Reach is a 30 inch reacher grabber that helps pick up items from the lawn, floor, shelf or furniture. The rubber cup of the grip reacher grabber provided is flexible enough to pick up small objects, while durable enough to carry heavy objects. Crafted from quality material, the extended reach gripper helps in grabbing items, which are hard to reach. The reacher grabber pickup tool is provided with trigger lock is available to keep jaws locked on items.

  • Extend your reach with this 30 inch handy heavy duty grip lift reacher.
  • Features a trigger lock to keep jaws locked while storing.
  • Large nimble rubber cups are flexible enough to pick up objects as small as a dime yet strong enough to handle large heavy objects like cans or jars.
  • Extra large 11 inch wide mouth for gripping bigger objects.
  • Serrated mouth feature allows for a more secure grip.
  • Extra large mouth can be manually rotated 360 degrees.


  • Brand: Blue Jay
  • Size: 30 Inches
  • Mouth Width: 11 Inches

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