ObusForme Back Belt-Male, Black

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The ObusForme Back Belt is tailored to promote proper posture and healthy body mechanics, crucial for maintaining a strong back. Specifically designed for the male physique. This belt conforms to and supports the lower back, encouraging muscle relaxation and correct alignment. It features a ventilated lumbar pad for additional support, while the breathable nylon mesh wrap with adjustable hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit. Lightweight and stylish, it can be worn discreetly over or under clothing. Suitable for both industrial and personal use, it's hypoallergenic and easy to hand wash. Presented in Black color.


  • Targeted Lumbar Support: Engineered to provide focused support to your lower back, aiding in pain reduction and better posture.
  • Adjustable Fit: Customizable compression levels ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your individual needs.
  • Breathable Construction: Lightweight, breathable materials minimize heat and moisture buildup, enhancing all-day comfort.


  • Brand: ObusForme
  • Size: Large/X-Large, Medium/Large, X-large/2X-Large
  • Waist Circumference Range: 41 - 48 Inches
  • Material: Nylon mesh, ventilated lumbar pad
  • Closure: Adjustable hook and loop front closure
  • Color: Black