Omron Majestic Self-Taking Blood Pressure Kit

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Omron Majestic Self-Taking Blood Pressure Kit monitoring with the user-friendly Omron Majestic Self-Taking Blood Pressure Kit. This kit features a stethoscope directly integrated into the cuff, a large D-ring cuff for effortless one-handed application, and an easy-to-read gauge. Designed for precision at-home readings, it's ideal for those prioritizing convenience and reliable blood pressure tracking.

  • Astro-Cuff D-ring Inflation: Simplifies cuff application, even with one hand.
  • Integrated Stethoscope: Ensures clear sound transmission for accurate readings.
  • 300 mmHg Aneroid Gauge: Large, easy-to-read dial for precise measurements.
  • Latex Inflation Bulb: Durable bulb with valve for controlled inflation and deflation.


  • Brand: Omron
  • Cuff Size: Large (13-17 Inches)
  • Materials: Stethoscope, nylon cuff, latex bulb