Vive Health Oxygen Tank Holder, Holds D/E Cylinders, Reinforced Straps, Extra Pockets, Black

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The Vive Health Mobility oxygen tank holder is a reliable solution for transporting oxygen cylinders in a safe manner. It can be easily attached to a variety of mobility aids such as wheelchairs, transport chairs, scooters, rollators, and walkers. The bag is equipped to hold D and E sized tanks and can also be adjusted to securely fit smaller tanks. It boasts strong fastener straps with quick-release buckles and is crafted from a sturdy material for extended use.

  • Secure Cylinder Placement: The oxygen tank holder is specifically designed to securely hold D/E cylinders, providing a stable and reliable solution for transporting oxygen tanks.
  • Reinforced Straps: Equipped with reinforced straps, the holder ensures a secure and snug fit, preventing the cylinder from shifting or slipping during use.
  • Extra Pockets: Featuring additional pockets, the holder offers convenient storage space for carrying essential items such as keys, wallets, cell phones, or small medical supplies.
  • Easy Installation: Simple to install, the holder can be easily attached to wheelchairs, walkers, rollators, or other mobility devices, providing versatility and convenience.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Lightweight and portable, the holder is easy to transport and take on-the-go, making it suitable for travel, outings, or everyday use.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for individuals who require oxygen therapy, the holder provides a convenient solution for carrying oxygen tanks while maintaining mobility and independence.
  • Stylish Design: With its sleek black color and functional design, the oxygen tank holder combines style and functionality, enhancing the user's overall experience.


  • Dimensions: 28.35 by 7.68 by 0.09 Inches
  • Weight: 11.04 ounces
  • Materials: Polyester, Composite lining
  • Color: Black