Packing Strips Iodoform Gauze 1/4 x 5 Yards (each)

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  • Medline NON256145 CURAD Iodoform Gauze 1/4 in
  • x 5 yd. Packing Strip is 5 yards long to allow caretaker to cut what is needed when packing an open wound or drainage wound
  • Packing strips are also ideal for packing a nasal or dental cavity following surgery
  • The gauze is made with 100 percent cotton material that is impregnated with Iodoform which is an organic crystalline compound from iodine
  • This offers antiseptic properties to aid in wound healing
  • The gauze is also tightly woven to minimize linting or fraying which is helpful when removing the gauze
  • The Iodoform gauze is packaged sterile in a bottle that creates a longer shelf life for extended use
  • Purchase a single bottle for single-person use or a case of 12 bottles to fully stock a medical clinic
  • For additional sizes, check out the Medline 1 inch packing strip