Vive Health Palm Grips, Plush Microfiber, Soft, Med, Firm W/Hand Straps

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Comfortably soft, the Vive palm grip set includes three grips in different densities to provide stimulation and exercise for the hands to prevent hand contractures and skin breakdown between the fingers and palm. The plush palm grips also minimize hand spasms and tube pulling. Ideal for physical and occupational therapy, the microfiber grips feature machine-washable covers for easy disinfecting between users.


  • PREVENTS HAND CONTRACTURES: Providing hand stimulation for physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation, the Vive palm grip set prevents hand contractures and spasms and minimizes tube pulling while protecting the palms. 
  • NON-SCRATCHY MICROFIBER GRIPS: Unlike most competitors each Vive grip is filled with a microfiber material to create a plush, cushioning feel. The grips feel smooth and comfortable in the hand while competitors are rough and scratchy. Comes in three densities, soft, medium and firm for personal comfort.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE COVERS: Easy to clean between uses, the palm grips feature removable covers made with a soft, waterproof material to repel perspiration for greater comfort. The grip covers are easy to remove and replace with multiple snap closures. 
  • UNIVERSAL SIZING: Exceptionally soft for maximum comfort, the Vive palm grips feature soft elastic hand straps for a secure fit on any adult hand size. 
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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