Pedifix Clear Comfort Gel Insoles for Women One Pair

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Pedifix Clear Comfort Gel Insoles for Women, sold as a pair, are specialized foot inserts designed to offer enhanced comfort and support for women's footwear. These insoles are constructed with clear gel material that provides cushioning and shock absorption, helping to alleviate foot fatigue and discomfort during daily activities. The slim design of the insoles ensures a comfortable fit inside various types of shoes without causing bulkiness or crowding. Additionally, the clear gel construction makes them discreet and suitable for use with open-toe or sandals. Pedifix Clear Comfort Gel Insoles for Women are an effective solution for enhancing comfort and reducing pressure on the feet, ultimately promoting better posture and overall foot health.

  • The insole contains gel to absorb shock in the heel and provide cushioning for the ball of the foot.
  • Its adhesive backing keeps it securely in place in any shoe, making it suitable for high heels, flats, and boots.
  • This slim design allows for ample space in the toe area and is compatible with high heels, boots, and flats.
  • Say goodbye to foot pain in your favorite heels, flats, and boots with the massaging gel cushion.
  • This insole is designed for female shoe sizes 6-10 inches.


  • Brand : PediFix
  • Sizes : Fits Shoe Sizes 6 to 10 Inches
  • Weight : 0.25lbs
  • Packaging : One pair in a sealed retail pack