Pedifix FELTastic Metatarsal Support Pads

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The Pedifix FELTastic Metatarsal Support Pads are designed to stick to the interior of shoes in order to provide cushioning, protection, and support to the metatarsal area. These pads have an innovative shape that aids in repositioning foot structures, addressing the root cause of forefoot issues rather than simply alleviating the symptoms, such as calluses and discomfort often likened to walking on a small stone. The felt material molds to the shape of the user's feet, offering personalized relief.
  • Protect and provide support for your feet with this foot care product.
  • It helps prevent and relieve calluses and metatarsalgia, as well as instantly easing ball-of-foot pain.
  • Simply adhere it inside your shoes.
  • Designed with orthopedic contour for optimum support and comfort.


  • Small : 1/4 inch thick
  • Medium : 5/16 inch thick