Pedifix ViscoGel Toe Spacers Pack of 4

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The Pedifix ViscoGel Toe Spacers have multiple functions such as correcting and aligning toes, as well as alleviating bunion-induced pressure. With the added benefits of vitamin-enriched gel, these spacers not only realign toes, but also provide cushioning and protection for the skin. Unlike cheaper options, the gel in these spacers maintains its shape and won't flatten out. Plus, they are both washable and reusable.

  • 'ViscoGel' likely indicates that the toe spacers are constructed from a soft and pliable gel material for enhanced comfort.
  • Consider the size of your toes before selecting the 'Large' or 'Medium' sizes of these toe spacers.
  • A pack of four spacers is included in the package, providing ample amounts for the use on multiple toes or for replacements.
  • The design of the toe spacers is intended to fit between the toes, promoting proper spacing and aiding with conditions such as bunions or toe misalignment-induced discomfort.
  • The notation of 'Pkg/4' signifies that the toe spacers are bundled in sets of four, useful in determining the quantity you will receive.


  • Brand: Pedifix
  • Size:  Medium, Large
  • Material: Clear Gel