Pedifix GelStep Full Length Insoles Small, Women 5-7, Men 4-5.5 Inches Pair

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Pedifix GelStep Full Length Insoles specifically availableWomen's and Men's size these orthotic insoles are crafted from 100% medical-grade silicone, ensuring durability and long-lasting comfort. Crafted to cushion, shield, absorb shock, and alleviate pressure on heels and metatarsal heads, these insoles incorporate 'Blue Zone' comfort spots with softer silicone to offer additional protection in areas prone to high impact. The dual-durometer design offers maximum cushioning, while the antimicrobial top cover absorbs perspiration, reduces friction, and enhances overall comfort. Say goodbye to heel pain, as these insoles support the arch and protect metatarsal heads. With genuine dual durometer silicone that never flattens, deforms, or degrades, experience ultimate relief and comfort with every step.


  • All-Day Cushioning: 100% medical-grade silicone absorbs shock and relieves pressure for lasting comfort.
  • Targeted Support: Dual-durometer design with 'Blue Zone' comfort spots offers extra cushioning in sensitive areas.
  • Pain Relief: Proven to reduce heel pain, support arches, and protect the metatarsal area.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: Genuine silicone won't flatten, deform, or lose its effectiveness over time.
  • Hygienic Comfort: Antimicrobial top cover absorbs perspiration and reduces friction.


  • Brand: Pedifix
  • Size: Small (Women's 5-7, Men's 4-5.5 Inches)
  • Material: Medical-grade silicone
  • Features: Dual-durometer design, 'Blue Zone' comfort spots, antimicrobial top cover.