Pedifix Heel Straights Large Pair

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PediFix Heel Straights, available in a pack of one pair, are specially designed orthotic devices crafted to provide support and alignment for the heels. With a focus on comfort and stability, these heel straights help to promote proper foot alignment and reduce strain on the heels, ankles, and lower limbs. By offering gentle yet effective support, they can alleviate discomfort associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and Achilles tendonitis, enabling individuals to move with greater ease and comfort.

  • Prevent pronation, eliminate heel rollover and alleviate discomfort in the heel.
  • Reduce stress on ankles, knees, hips and back while also minimizing unequal wear on shoes.
  • Ensure secure placement with the durable self-adhesive backings for long-lasting effectiveness.


  • Brand: Pedifix
  • Weight : 0.1 Lbs
  • Size : Men's(9-11 Inches), Women's (11-13 Inches)