Pedifix Universal Metatarsal Strap Large/X-Large Right

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The soft and cotton-elastic cover of Pedifix's Universal Metatarsal Strap effectively secures the Gel cushion directly beneath the metatarsal heads. Shock absorption and pressure reduction are provided by the Visco-Gel®, making it perfect for treating fat pad atrophy and metatarsalgia. This strap is washable and can be used multiple times. Its slim construction allows for a comfortable fit in a wider range of shoe styles.

  • Our specially formulated Gel distributes vitamin-infused mineral oil onto the surface of the skin, providing a soothing and softening effect.
  • It also serves as a cushion and shield against shock, pressure, and shear forces on the metatarsal heads.
  • This helps alleviate pain from conditions such as metatarsalgia, calluses, Morton's neuroma, and fat pad atrophy.
  • To ensure long-lasting comfort, the cushion is made from a soft and durable fabric.
  • Our product comes in both Covered and Uncovered styles, with the latter having the Gel in direct contact with the skin.
  • In addition, the cushion is enclosed in a soft sleeve, keeping it securely in place and providing direct protection and pain relief for the metatarsal heads.


  • Size : Large/X-Large
  • Brand : Pedifix
  • Material : Gel
  • Special Feature : Adjustable
  • Unit Count : 1.00 Count