Pessary Oval 2.75 Inches without Support

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Pessary Oval 2.75 inches Without Support is a specialized medical device designed to support individuals experiencing pelvic organ prolapse and cystocele. Specifically crafted to fit a narrow vaginal vault, this pessary offers adequate Support for first to second-degree prolapse and accompanying cystocele conditions. Made with 100% silicone and latex-free materials, it ensures safety and comfort for users with sensitive skin. The added support feature enhances stability and prevents the pessary from shifting during daily activities. Its oval shape comfortably conforms to the vaginal anatomy, offering optimal support without any discomfort. With easy insertion and removal, this pessary provides convenience for users requiring long-term pelvic support solutions.



  • Without Support Design: Specifically designed without additional support for tailored vaginal support.
  • Narrow Vaginal Vault Fit: Crafted to fit narrow vaginal vaults, offering precise and effective support.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for first to second-degree prolapse and accompanying cystocele conditions.
  • Silicone Construction: Made with 100% silicone for safe and hypoallergenic use, free from latex.
  • Oval Shape: The oval shape ensures comfortable and secure placement within the vaginal canal.
  • Long-lasting Support: Provides reliable and durable support for non-surgical management of pelvic organ prolapse.


  • Size:2.75 inches