Apex Pill Organizer 7-Day (X-Large)

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A 7-Day X-Large Pill Organizer is a storage container designed to help individuals organize and manage their daily medication intake. This particular organizer is larger in size, providing ample space for storing a week's worth of pills or supplements. The organizer typically consists of seven compartments, each designated for a specific day of the week. This helps users keep track of their medication schedule and ensures they take the right pills at the right time. The X-Large designation suggests that each compartment is spacious enough to hold a larger quantity of pills or supplements. This type of organizer is especially beneficial for individuals with multiple medications or larger-sized pills.


  • This product features an extra-large size with highlighted Braille and raised letters.
  • It includes seven compartments and comes in either opaque white, blue, lavender or translucent blue, lavender, berry, or green color options.
  • The dimensions are 6 3/16 inches in length, 1 5/16 inches in width, and 7/8 inch in height.


  • Item Weight 0.87 lbs
  • Shape Rectangle