Platform Mounted Parallel Bars 10 Inch for patient fitness

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*10 Foot Long * Width permits wheelchair access
* Height adjusts from 26 to 44
* Width adjusts from 19 to 26
* 10 Foot Long: Handrail length 10 Foot / Platform size 10' x 42
* Stainless steel handrails
* Child rail & abduction board options available; call for details
* One piece stainless steel handrails with bumper ends
* Uprights are ultra-heavy telescoping steel tube
* Adjustable height and width
* Height controlled by spring-loaded plungers for easy adjustment
* Any play is eliminated by a second knob at each upright
* Platforms have durable satin topcoat and solid hardwood ends
* Safety treads at both ends on platform models.
* 400 lb. weight capacity.

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