Posey EZ Clean Gait Belt Black with Spring-Loaded Buckle

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  • These Mobility Aids come with spring-loaded buckle action
  • This means they are self-locking and very easy to apply and remove from a patient
  • They are made from non-porous polyurethane which gives them a sleek look and means they are extra quick and easy to wipe down, clean, and disinfect
  • This makes these belts a particularly hygienic choice
  • These belts come in five pleasing color options (sky blue, hot pink, orange, yellow, and black) and two sizes, standard and bariatric
  • Both economy and premium versions are available
  • Posey 6546, the black premium belt has a sleek, but low-profile look and is our best selling option
  • Another popular option is the cheery, sky blue Posey 6546B