Power Cord for Golden Lift Chairs Wall to Transformer

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The Transformer Lift Chair Maintenance Kit comes complete with a replacement power cord connection from the wall to the transformer. This component serves as an indispensable solution for instances where cords have been lost or damaged. Its primary function is to guarantee consistent and reliable delivery of power from your electrical outlet to the chair's transformer unit. By facilitating this crucial connection, it ensures uninterrupted operation and functionality of your lift chair. Whether you're dealing with a lost cord or addressing damage, this kit provides the necessary replacement component, safeguarding the efficiency and performance of your lift chair system.

  • Universal Golden Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with all Golden Lift Chairs.
  • Standard Connections: Features common 2-prong household plug and side-by-side 2-pin transformer connector for easy use.
  • Ample Length: Nearly four-foot cord provides flexibility in placement.
  • Potential Wider Use: Might be compatible with other lift chair brands (check your model's connections).


  • Compatibility: Golden Lift Chairs (potential for other brands)
  • Connectors: Standard 2-prong household (male), side-by-side 2-pin (female)
  • Length: Approximately 4 feet

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