Drive Medical Raised Toilet Seat With Lock and Elongated Aluminium Det Arms

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There are numerous reasons why people find it difficult to sit or get up from the toilet, such as age or disability some people have difficulty sitting because they are inherently tall, while others have difficulty getting up because they are small. One solution to their struggle is this toilet seat riser with arms by Drive Medical. This device is designed for individuals who have difficulty sitting down or getting up from the toilet by adding this elongated raised toilet seat to their bowl, they will be able to use the bathroom more easily and safely.

These toilet seat risers with handles are the perfect option for those needing a more safe and sturdy toilet seat, whether at home, in clinics, or in hospitals. This product is made from durable materials that are capable of resisting wear and tear. Additionally, its arms provide stability when seated and when about to stand, making it a safe and reliable choice for those who need to use the toilet regularly.


  • Adds 5 inch to the height of the toilet seat
  • Tool-free arms are 21 inch apart and can be removed or added as needed
  • Wide opening in front and back for personal hygiene
  • Heavy-duty moulded plastic construction provides additional strength and durability
  • The standard locking mechanism ensures safety
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No tools are required for installation
  • Easy-to-clean
  • It fits most elongated toilets


  • Seat Dimensions 15.5 inch (W) x 17 inch (D) x 5 inch (H)
  • Weight Capacity 300 lbs
  • Width Between Arms 21 inch
  • Brand Drive Medical