Vive Health Replacement Leg Compression Sleeve, 5' Air Tube, 49.21 X 28.34 Inches, Large

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Reduce leg, ankle, and foot swelling by using Vive Health's Sequential Compression Device - Leg Sleeves and Pump. The sequential pressure provided by this therapy system improves lymphatic circulation with the touch of a button. A 5-foot air tube connects the leg cuff to the wall-plug pump, and compression chambers and pressure settings are controlled with a wireless remote.


  • Improve Leg Compression Fit
These extenders increase the width and diameter of leg compression sleeves to help upgrade your comfort and relief.
  • Secure Attachment
Designed to stay fastened and avoid slipping during use.
  • Compatible With All Vive Extenders
Pair with your favorite compressors for a more enjoyable fit and enhanced well-being.
  • High-Quality Material

Durable and soft fabric resists wear and moisture. Easily clean with a damp cloth for quick refreshment.

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