Reusable Nebulizer Kit with T-Pc 7' Tubing Neb Cup &Mouthpiece

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  • Reusable neb kit that can be used for up to 3 months without replacement.
  • The timeframe does depend on the frequency of usage.
  • General rule of thumb is if you're noticing that the medication isn't nebulizing as quickly or as much it's time to replace the neb kit.
  • Reusable Neb Kit with Nebulizer Cup Mouthpiece T and 7' Tubing
  • Anti-spill T design.
  • Leak-proof and secure seal with simple 1/4 turn assembly design.
  • Very low residual volume (0.7cc).
  • High medication bowl capacity (10cc).
  • Graduated volume (cc) markings on bowl.
  • Nebulizes in upright positions or at angles up to 45ø.
  • Dishwasher safe.