Roho Countour Select Cushion 15 x 15 x 4 Inches

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The Roho Contour Select Cushion is strategically crafted to reposition the user's pelvis, placing it comfortably back in the wheelchair. This thoughtful design ensures that the user maintains a centered and comfortable position within the cushion, contributing to enhanced stability and support.With an easy assembly process and various cell heights, this air cushion aids in maintaining an upright posture and directing the thighs into leg channelling routes. The unique ISOFLO Memory Control can lock air into four separate compartments, offering essential stability and positioning to minimize unwanted motion in different directions. It's comes with Unique contoured design.

  • Provides positioning in both lateral and anterior-posterior directions.
  • The cushion is adaptable to the individual's unique shape and weight.
  • Roho Contour Select Cushion is engineered to provide essential stabilization and support to the pelvis and thighs.
  • This strategic design not only ensures optimal comfort but also serves as a protective measure for the skin and underlying tissues.
  • Additionally, the cushion offers targeted relief under the ischial tuberosities (ITs), further enhancing the user's overall experience by minimizing potential pressure points and discomfort.


  • Brand : Roho
  • Size : 15x15x4 Inches

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