Roho Cushion Cover Only HighProfile

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The Roho Cushion Cover only for Roho HighProfile is the ideal solution for safeguarding your roho high Profile quadtro select cushion and other compatible models. Made with durability in mind, this heavy-duty cover offers fluid resistance, ensuring protection against spills and stains. By shielding your cushion, it helps to extend its lifespan, preserving its integrity and functionality over time. Invest in the roho select Heavy Duty Cushion Cover for peace of mind and long-lasting comfort.


  • Fluid Resistance: Protects your cushion against moisture and spills.
  • Cushion Protection: Helps extend the lifespan of your Roho cushion.
  • Compatible Design: Designed specifically for Roho High Profile Quadatro Select cushions.
  • Easy Care: Made from durable, easy-to-clean materials.


  • Brand: Roho
  • Size: 22 x 22 Inches
  • Compatible Roho Cushions: Quadtro select high profile Cushion cover Quadtro select Fluid resistant Cushion cover
  • Construction: Fluid-resistant textile

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