Roho Inflation Pump Dual Action

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The Roho Inflation Pump Dual Action is a specialized device designed to inflate and deflate Roho air cushions efficiently. It features a dual-action pump mechanism, allowing users to adjust the air pressure within the cushions for personalized comfort and support. This portable pump is essential for maintaining the proper inflation level of Roho cushions, which are often used for pressure relief and seating support in medical and mobility applications. Overall, the Roho Inflation Pump Dual Action ensures optimal functionality and comfort of Roho air cushions, enhancing user experience and well-being.


  • Place your cushion on a flat surface, making sure the air valve is located in the front left corner.
  • Rotate the valve counter-clockwise to open.
  • Place the flexible rubber hose of the pump over the valve.Pump air into the cushion until it begins to arch upward.
  • Take off the pump and turn the valve clockwise to close.
  • Have the individual sit on the cushion in their regular sitting position, ensuring the Roho cushion is centered beneath them.
  • Insert your hand between the cushion and the person's bottom, feeling for the sitting bones.
  • Open the valve again and release air while keeping your fingers beneath the person's sitting bones.
  • Close the valve when you can feel about 1/2 inches of air between the person and the cushion.


  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Roho