Drive Medical Rollator 3-Wheeled with Pouch,Basket tray,Brakes, Blue

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Get a 3-wheel rollator walker with a basket, tray, and pouch to move about safely and improve your quality of life! Move around your home and yard in safety, without external support. Our popular 3 Wheel Rollator Walker for Seniors is a reliable and proven solution, designed to simplify the everyday lives of people with mobility issues. With a lightweight walker, older adults can safely go anywhere without fear of falling, with a handy basket for carrying necessary items. Three-wheel walkers for seniors are very maneuverable, making it easy to navigate minor obstacles. The high-quality hand breaks will quickly stop your 3-wheel aluminum rollator to prevent mishaps. If your living space is small, a narrow walker for small spaces is exactly what you need. You can fold your narrow walker for easy storage in a closet or transport it in a car. No need to worry about which 3-wheel rollator walker suits you best. Our mobility rollator is easily adjustable to meet your needs. The same model is suitable for people ranging from short to tall, with an adjustable height between 32 and 39. 3 Inches-Wheeled Rollator Walker simplifies walking for people with mobility issues. Users can rely on its sturdy construction and safely navigate short distances without external support.


  • Our 3-wheel walkers for seniors are lightweight (only 13 lbs), making it easy to move about without fear of falling.
  • The wheels of our tripod walker rotate smoothly, Navigate minor obstacles with ease and keep your balance on uneven surfaces.
  • Medical walkers can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Loop-lock handle brakes ensure maximum control, stability, and safety when operating our 3-wheel walkers for seniors.
  • A 3-wheel walker can be folded for easy storage at home. Fold it up for easy transport in a car, for outings, shopping, and doctor appointments.
  • Mobility walkers for seniors are adjustable, with height ranging from 32 to 39 Inches, so the same model can suit both short and tall people.
  • Adjust the height of your walker for maximum comfort and mobility.
  • 3 wheel folding walker includes free accessories: a pouch, basket, and tray, all included with your purchase.
  • The width between the wheels of our mobility walker is 24.3 Inches The wheel rollator is 24 Inches long. Three-wheel walker is reliable and durable.
  • It can support users weighing up to 300 lbs


  • Handle Height (highest): 38
  • Handle Height (lowest): 31
  • Unit Width: 26.5
  • Product Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs

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