Sani-Pant Brief Pull-on

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Renowned for their 100% waterproof technology, the Sani-Pant One-Piece Waterproof Pull-On Cover-Ups have become a highly sought-after diaper cover due to their ability to effectively prevent leaks onto furniture and clothing. This modern take on traditional plastic or rubber pants features laminated polyester material, ensuring enhanced protection over disposable diapers, pads, or liners.

  • Each package contains one brief suitable for both genders.
  • Ideal for securely holding absorbent pads, panties, or diapers.
  • Constructed with soft, white nylon coated with plastic for added durability, these briefs can be easily laundered.


  • Brand : Sani-Pant
  • Item Weight: 0.224872 lbs
  • Large: 38 inches - 44 inches
  • Small: 22 inches - 28 inches
  • X-Large: 46 inches - 52 inches
  • Large: 54 inches - 64 inches

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