Scott Specialties J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer Medium, Right

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The Scott Specialties J-Brace Patellar Stabilizer Medium, Right is meticulously designed to deliver comprehensive support and facilitate proper movement of the kneecap. With its distinctive C-shaped buttress and versatile strapping system, this patellar stabilizer plays a crucial role in supporting and controlling the movement of the kneecap. It proves beneficial for a range of injuries and conditions associated with patella tracking, kneecap irritation, and misalignment, offering a design reminiscent of the DonJoy lateral patella knee brace. Its unique strapping mechanism encircling the kneecap, similar to the DonJoy brace, ensures that the patella stays in its correct position during movement, fostering stabilization and promoting the healing process.

Patellar Stabilization
  • The primary function of the brace is to stabilize the patella (kneecap), preventing excessive movement and promoting proper alignment.
  • Constructed from a combination of materials, potentially including neoprene or other flexible and breathable fabrics for comfort and support.
Strapping System
  • Utilizes a strapping mechanism, possibly adjustable, to provide a secure fit around the knee and enhance stability.
Adjustable Buttress
  • May feature an adjustable buttress, allowing customization to either the lateral or medial side of the knee for targeted support.
Premium-Grade Neoprene
  • If neoprene is used, it is likely to be of premium quality, providing support without causing skin irritation.


  • Brand: Scott Specialties
  • Size: Medium, Right
  • Weight: 0.72 lbs
  • Length: 14-15 inches