Scott Specialties Snoopy Wrist Splint Infant Left

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Scott Specialties designed the Snoopy Wrist Splint Infant Left to provide gentle support and immobilization for your little one's wrist. Its playful Snoopy design and comfortable, durable construction are perfect for infants dealing with injuries or conditions that require wrist stabilization. This splint promotes proper healing and allows for natural finger and hand movement.


  • Adorable Snoopy Design: Appeals to children and makes wearing the splint more enjoyable.
  • Comfortable and Durable Construction: Made with soft materials that won't irritate delicate skin.
  • Immobilizes the Wrist: Promotes proper healing of injuries or conditions.
  • Allows Natural Movement: Facilitates normal hand and finger function while supporting the wrist.


  • Brand: Scott Specialties
  • Size: Infant (typically fits 6-18 months)
  • Materials: Typically polyester/cotton, foam, nylon tricot lining (check specific product listing for exact materials)