Seal- Tight Dressing & Wound Protector Shield,Pack Of 5

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The Seal-Tight Dressing & Wound Protector Shield is a protective covering designed to safeguard dressings and wounds from water and contaminants. Its durable construction ensures a watertight seal, allowing individuals to shower or bathe without compromising wound care. This shield is reusable, easy to apply, and provides peace of mind for those with injuries or surgical wounds, promoting faster healing and maintaining hygiene.


  • Manufactured without natural rubber latex for allergy safety.
  • Utilizes medical-grade adhesive for secure attachment.
  • Equipped with a convenient tab for effortless removal.
  • Comes in packages of five units.
  • Each shield provides coverage for areas up to 3.5 inches in width and 6 inches in length, featuring a tab for easy application.


  • Brand: Seal-Tight
  • Size: 5 (W) x 8 (L) Inches
  • Coverage Area: 6 (L) X 3.5 (W) Inches
  • Package Quantity: 5
  • Material: Polyvinyl