Secure Gait Belt With Hand Grips 60 Inches

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The Secure Gait Belt with Hand Grips—an essential medical tool crafted to aid caregivers in safely assisting individuals with restricted mobility during transfers.When worn around the individual's waist, the belt provides a secure hold for caregivers, allowing them to support and guide the individual during standing, walking, or transferring activities. The hand grips enable caregivers to maintain a firm grasp, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of falls or injuries during movements between surfaces. Experience safe and seamless transfers for individuals facing mobility challenges with the Secure Gait Belt featuring Hand Grips, all while reducing strain and injury risks for caregivers.

  • Walk and Transfer Patients Safely: This gait belt is indispensable for caregivers, providing a safe and effective means of transferring and walking patients. Its sturdy construction and grab handles offer reliable support to prevent falls and ensure smooth transitions.
  • Designed for Patient Safety and Comfort: The Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt is thoughtfully crafted with patient safety and comfort in mind. Measuring 60 x 2 inches, it offers ample coverage and is adjustable up to 60 inches in length, ensuring a secure fit for individuals of various waist sizes.
  • Sure-Grip from Any Angle: Featuring two caregiver grab handles, this belt offers a secure grip from any angle, reducing the risk of slips or accidents during transfers. Caregivers can confidently support their patients, residents, or loved ones without compromising safety.
  • Hassle-Free Guarantee: Backed by a one-year full-replacement guarantee, the Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt provides peace of mind to caregivers and users alike.
  • Belt dimensions: The Secure Transfer and Walking Gait Belt measures 60 x 2 inches, ensuring ample coverage to support patients during transfers and mobility assistance.Additionally, it is suitable for machine washing and drying, facilitating infection control practices for enhanced hygiene.


  • Brand: Secure
  • Size: 60x2 Inch (Pack of 1)
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Modern