Vive Health Self Adhesive Bandages Small

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The Vive Self-Adhesive Bandages provide secure and stable support for wound dressings and injuries such as strains or sprains. With individually wrapped bandages, this elastic gauze is hygienic and portable. The high-quality material is comfortable and lightweight, with a highly elastic material that can be used on any part of the body.


  • Supportive and Comfortable Wound Care

A highly elastic material made from soft 100% cotton fabric provides targeted support for healing injuries, strains, sores, or other injuries. Tighten your wrap to your desired level of compression support and promote natural healing.

  • Individually Wrapped for Portability and Convenience

Each Vive Self-Adhesive Bandage is individually wrapped to ensure each gauze pad remains sanitary and clean. Take these bandages with you when you travel or keep your first aid kit ready for anything.

  • Elastic Material and Self-Adhesive Design

Enjoy greater comfort with a lightweight and comfortable design. The elastic material allows you to stretch the bandage over the desired area without irritating the wound or injury.

  • Gentle on the Skin and Breathable

The self-adhesive material is breathable and light. Made from latex-free fabric that is soft, these bandages are a great way to keep a wound dressing in place. The material can bend and stretch to fit any part of the body, for versatile uses.

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