Shoprider Smartie Power Wheelchair, Blue

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The Shoprider Smartie Power Wheelchair in Blue offers unparalleled mobility and convenience for individuals with mobility challenges. Designed with both comfort and functionality in mind, this power wheelchair provides users with the freedom to move confidently and independently. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Smartie Power Wheelchair delivers a smooth and effortless riding experience, allowing users to navigate tight spaces with ease.

  • Compact Design: The Smartie Power Wheelchair features a compact and lightweight design, making it perfect for maneuvering through narrow hallways, doorways, and tight spaces.
  • Easy Portability: With its easily foldable frame and detachable components, transporting the Smartie Wheelchair is convenient and hassle-free.
  • Comfortable Seating: Equipped with a comfortable padded seat and adjustable armrests, users can enjoy long periods of use without discomfort.
  • Intuitive Controls: The wheelchair is equipped with user-friendly controls, allowing for smooth and precise navigation.
  • Long Battery Life: With its powerful battery system, the Smartie Wheelchair offers an extended range, providing users with the freedom to travel longer distances without needing to recharge frequently.
  • Versatile Usage: Whether for indoor use around the house or outdoor use in parks or shopping centers, the Smartie Wheelchair is versatile enough to meet various mobility needs.


  • Brand: Shoprider
  • Weight Capacity : 250 lbs.
  • Product Weight : 93 lbs.
  • Heaviest piece : 38 lbs.
  • Seat Width : 16-inch
  • Seat Depth 13.5-inch
  • Seat-to-Floor Height 17 - 19-inch
  • Overall Length 36-inch
  • Overall Height 37-inch
  • Ground Clearance 2-inch
  • Front Wheel Size 6-inch
  • Rear Wheel Size 8-inch
  • Turning Radius 15.5-inch
  • Max Climbing Angle 6 degrees
  • Max Speed 3.75 mph
  • Driving Range 10 Miles
  • Battery Type 12V 12Ah
  • Battery Weight 7.1 lbs.