Shower Chair 18 Threaded Stem Casters

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  • Load carrying capacity up to 150 Kgs which is best in class.
  • Heavy build to cater to household as well as office applications.
  • Manufactured in high grade Polypropylene Plastic.
  • Product Dimensions: 40-60 mm, Load Carrying capacity up to 250 Kgs which is best in class, Type: Furniture Caster, Application: Office Furniture Chairs
  • Manufactured in high grade Nylon. Material: Nylon, Easy to install & operate.
  • Heavy build to cater to household as well as office applications.
  • The Shower Chair 18 Threaded Stem Casters are a set of casters specifically designed for shower chairs. These casters have a threaded stem, which means they can be easily attached to the legs of a shower chair with threaded inserts or holes.
  • The casters are typically made of durable materials like rubber or plastic, ensuring they are resistant to water and moisture, which is important in a shower environment. They are designed to provide smooth and easy movement, allowing the shower chair to be maneuvered effortlessly.
  • With a diameter of 18 inches, these casters offer stability and support to the shower chair, making it easier to move around and position within the shower area. The threaded stem ensures a secure fit, reducing the risk of the casters coming loose during use.
  • These casters are a valuable accessory for individuals who require assistance in the shower, as they provide enhanced mobility and flexibility to the shower chair, promoting comfort and safety during bathing.
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