Vive Health SI Belt, Removable Compression Band, Up To 55 Inches

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Providing customizable support for the sacroiliac joint, the Vive SI belt stabilizes the hips and lower back to relieve pressure, tension and pain. The adjustable hip belt features removable splints, promoting proper posture and improving core strength to further reduce stress on the SI joint and effectively relieve pelvic and lower back pain.


  • Maximize Your SI Relief & support
    Helps stabilize and reinforce the SI joint during daily activities. The attached pulley system allows you to adjust the compression levels as needed.

  • Ideal for everyday wear
    Designed to make all-day use more enjoyable. Thin, breathable belt material conforms to your body while preventing moisture build-up.

  • Adjustable Sizing Options
    Purchase includes a belt extender to suit a variety of body types.

  • Simple & Secure Application
    An easy-to-use thumb and hand loop allow you to slide the belt over the waist and pull to secure the belt in one swift motion.

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.