Drive Medical Side Hemi Walker/Cane

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Drive Medical Side Walker, also called Hemi Walker, is the perfect solution for those who require assistance getting around. This adult-sized side walker helps improve mobility, helps with agility and range of motion, and provides added support to your accomplished walking. The device can also help you stand up from a sitting position, starting with its lower bar handle, allowing you to lean on it or give pressure that won’t let you fall as you get up.

This Hemi Walker by Drive Medical is ideal for adult individuals suffering from a stroke on one side of their body. It can offer them the most substantial support for their non-affected body part, allowing them to walk correctly as they try to recover. This walker is specially designed with a curved side that must be on the outer part and a flat side on your inner side to avoid bumping your non-stroke leg.


  • Lighter than a walker and more stable than a cane
  • Folds easily with one hand
  • Ideal for users who do not require a walker but need a broader base of support
  • Rubber footing for added safety
  • Adjustable in height


    • Carton Shipping Weight 5 lbs.
    • Height 28.5 inch - 35.5 inch
    • Overall Dimensions 18.5 inch (W) x 16 inch (D)
    • Weight 4 lbs
    • Weight Capacity 300 lbs