Skillbuilders Floor Sitter and Wedge

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The Skillbuilders Floor Sitter and  Wedge the ultimate solution for comfortable seating and positioning! This innovative product combines a feeder seat and floor sitter wedge, ensuring optimal support and stability. Crafted with convenience in mind, the seat is securely attached to the wedge with Velcro, allowing for seamless adjustments from an upright to a reclining position. Whether for therapy sessions or everyday use, this versatile seating solution provides unmatched comfort and support for individuals of all ages.


  • Adjustable Positioning: The floor sitter and wedge combination allows for adjustable positioning to support the user's comfort and therapeutic needs.
  • Wedge Design: The wedge component provides ergonomic support, promoting proper alignment of the user's pelvis and spine for enhanced comfort and posture.
  • Removable Components: Both the floor sitter and wedge are designed with removable components, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance to ensure a hygienic seating environment.
  • Supportive Construction: Crafted from durable materials, the floor sitter and wedge offer sturdy support while maintaining a lightweight design for easy handling and maneuverability.
  • Comfortable Padding: Both the floor sitter and wedge feature comfortable padding to enhance user comfort during extended periods of sitting.
  • Adjustable Straps: Equipped with adjustable straps, the floor sitter and wedge securely position the user, providing stability and safety during use.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of therapeutic and seating needs, including home, school, therapy centers, and healthcare facilities.


  • Brand: Skillbuilders
  • Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Product Dimensions: 91.44 x 60.96 x 30.48 cm
  • Weight: 3.38 kg
  • Item model number: 30-1082
  • Item Height: 12 Inches
  • Item Width: 24 Inches