Skillbuilders Head Protector, Soft-Top, Large

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The Skillbuilders Head Protector, Soft-Top, is a specialized protective device designed to safeguard the head from impacts and injuries. It features a soft and cushioned top that comfortably envelops the head, providing a gentle barrier against bumps, falls, and collisions. This product is particularly beneficial for individuals prone to seizures, those with balance or mobility issues, or anyone at risk of head injuries. The Soft-Top Head Protector offers peace of mind to caregivers and loved ones, ensuring the safety and well-being of the wearer during daily activities or therapeutic interventions.

  • Soft and Comfortable Design: Constructed with soft materials for gentle and comfortable wear. Minimizes the risk of skin irritation or discomfort.
  • Large Size: Specifically designed for individuals requiring a larger head protector. Offers a secure and accommodating fit for various head sizes.
  • Head Impact Protection: Provides a protective barrier to help prevent head injuries from accidental bumps or falls. Ideal for individuals with limited mobility or balance issues.
  • Adjustable Closure: Features an adjustable closure mechanism for a customized and secure fit. 
  • Easy to Clean: Simple maintenance with easy-to-clean materials. Resistant to stains and odors for improved hygiene.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of settings, including home care, healthcare facilities, and rehabilitation centers. Can be used during activities where head protection is essential.
  • Discreet Appearance: Designed with a discreet and non-intrusive appearance. Allows for dignity and self-esteem while providing necessary protection.
  • Multi-Functional: Useful for individuals with conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, or those prone to accidental head injuries. Supports a range of medical and caregiving needs.
  • Soft-Top Material: Incorporates a soft-top design for enhanced comfort without compromising on protection.
  • Provides a cushioning effect to minimize the impact on the head.


  • Brand: Skillbuilders
  • Size: Large
  • Color: Black
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 23 x 23 x 9 Inches