Slimline Cast Boot Black Square Toe Extra-Small Adult

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  • Womens X-small 3.5
  • Excellent For Use With Fiberglass Casts Or Bulky Compression Bandages
  • Square Toe Design Acts As A Protective Bumper And Gives The Patient More Room
  • Rocker Sole Allows For Smooth Roll Through
  • Removable Eva Sole Provides 10 Mm Of Padding To Cushion The Foot; Adds To Patient Comfort
  • Strapless Forefoot Closure Is Easily Adjusted To Accommodate Cast/bandage Size And Can Be Switched Between Left/right Closure For Easy Re-application
  • Elastic Center Strap Secures Neck Of The Ankle And Sits The Cast In The Shoe
  • Higher Ankle Strap Adds Stability

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