Drive Medical Patient Lift Sling, Canvas

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The Drive Medical Patient Lift Sling is expertly designed to facilitate safe and comfortable transfers for individuals with mobility challenges. Crafted from durable canvas material, this sling provides reliable support while ensuring the utmost comfort for the user. Whether for use in hospitals, nursing homes, or home care settings, this sling offers a versatile and reliable solution for caregivers and patients alike.


  • Durable Canvas Material: Constructed from high-quality canvas fabric, this sling ensures durability and longevity, capable of withstanding frequent use.
  • Secure Straps: Equipped with adjustable straps, this sling offers a secure fit for users of varying sizes, enhancing safety during transfers.
  • Comfortable Design: The ergonomic design of the sling promotes user comfort, minimizing pressure points and reducing the risk of discomfort or skin irritation.
  • Compatible with Patient Lifts: Designed to be compatible with most patient lift systems, this sling provides caregivers with a versatile solution for safe and efficient transfers.
  • Easy to Clean: The canvas material is easy to clean and maintain, promoting hygiene and cleanliness in healthcare environments.


  • Brand: Drive Medical
  • Material: Canvas
  • Overall Product Length: 39 Inches
  • Overall Product Width: 25 Inches
  • Primary Product Color: Green
  • Sling Points: 2 
  • Cradle Points: 2 or 6 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Lbs