COW&COW Sock Aid Formed with Foam Handles

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The COW&COW Sock Aid Formed with Foam Handles facilitates easy and independent dressing for individuals with limited mobility. This assistive device helps in putting on socks without bending or straining, promoting greater independence in daily activities. The foam handles provide a comfortable grip and ensure ease of use for users of all abilities.


  • Assistive device: Helps individuals put on socks independently.
  • Foam handles: Provides a comfortable grip for easy use.
  • Promotes independence: Allows dressing without assistance.
  • Durable design: Made to withstand daily use.
  • Easy to clean: Maintenance is simple and straightforward.


  • Brand: COW&COW
  • Type: Sock Aid
  • Handles: Foam handles
  • Material: Durable plastic
  • Dimensions: Standard size
  • Usage: For individuals with limited mobility