Vive Health Sock Assist, 2-Piece 23" Shoe Horn, Sock Remover Tab

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Great for those with limited mobility, seniors and those recovering from hip or back injury or surgery, the Vive sock and shoe assist allows individuals to easily put on and take off shoes, socks and hosiery without excessive bending and twisting. The kit includes a flexible sock aid that easily slides socks and hosiery up into place and an extended length shoe horn with a sock remover and quick release connection for easy portability and storage.


  • Easily Put On And Take Off Socks And Shoes
    Promoting greater independence, the Vive sock and shoe assist kit provides daily assistance for putting on and taking off socks, hosiery and shoes. Ideal for seniors, expectant mothers, those with balance issues and those recovering from injury or surgery, the sock and shoe assist kit includes one sock assist and one long handled shoe horn. 

  • Adjustable Sock Aid
    Constructed with a strong, yet flexible shell, the sock assist can be used to put on socks of all sizes with greater ease. A nonslip lining on the base of the sock aid ensures the sock will not slide off of the sock aid as it glides over the heel and ankle. Easy to use, the sock assist handle length can also be adjusted with the button sliders to create a more comfortable grip on the soft foam handles. 

  • Long Handled Shoe Horn
    Eliminating the need to bend and twist to put on shoes, the Vive detachable shoe horn measures 23” in length and includes a large oval handle for a comfortable grip and easy storage. Suitable for use with casual, athletic and dress shoes, the extended-length shoe horn features smooth, rounded edges to protect socks, hosiery and shoes and sock remover tab for pushing socks and hosiery off.

  • Detachable Design
    Easily portable, the long shoe horn features a quick-release connection that separates the shoehorn into two pieces for convenient storage and travel. The detachable shoe horn is made with a strong composite material that is lightweight and durable. 

  • Vive Guarantee
    60-day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

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