Vive Health Sock Assist, Adjustable Cord, Soft Foam Handles

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Vive Health Sock Assist, the ultimate solution for effortlessly donning socks. Designed to simplify your daily routine, this innovative device allows you to easily put on socks with any type of footwear. Featuring soft grip handles and an adjustable cord length, it offers maximum comfort and customization for users of all ages and abilities. The non-slip cuff ensures socks stay in place, while the flexible shell adapts to your foot's contours. Say goodbye to the hassle of bending and struggling – experience convenience and independence with Vive Health Sock Assist.


  • Easily Put on Socks: Crafted with the intention of minimizing bending and twisting, rendering it perfect for individuals with restricted mobility or those recuperating from surgery or injury.
  • Use with Any Footwear: Versatile design allows it to be used with any type of sock, compression stocking, or hosiery, ensuring universal compatibility.
  • Soft Grip Handles: Thick foam handles provide a secure and comfortable grip, allowing for effortless sock application without straining the hands.
  • Adjustable Cord Length: Convenient button adjusters enable the cords to be easily shortened, accommodating various user preferences and needs.
  • Non-Slip Cuff: A non-slip cuff lines the rim, ensuring socks and hosiery stay securely in place during application and wear, enhancing stability and safety.
  • Flexible Shell: The latex-free, composite shell is flexible, allowing it to move freely along the foot and heel, ensuring a comfortable and tailored fit for every user.


  • Brand: Vive Health
  • Dimensions: 9.75 (L) x 4 (W) x 3.25 (H) inches
  • Material: PVC Plastic, Foam Handles, Cord
  • Color: White