BSN Medical Sof-Rol Padding 4 Inch X 4 Yards, Box of 12

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BSN Medical Sof-Rol Padding 4 X 4 Yards Box of 12 helps to experience superior comfort and protection. This versatile padding is made from 100% surgical-grade rayon, offering exceptional softness and absorbency. Its generous size and convenient packaging make it an ideal choice for various medical and wound care applications.


  • 100% Surgical Grade Rayon: Ensures maximum softness, comfort, and protection.
  • Versatile Size: 4 x 4-yard rolls are adaptable for numerous uses.
  • Convenient Packaging: Box of 12 provides ample supply for clinics or home use.


  • Brand: BSN Medical
  • Material: 100% Surgical Grade Rayon
  • Size: 4 inches x 4 yards
  • Quantity: Box of 12