Blue Jay Soft N' Plush Comfort Walker Fleece Covers Set

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The soft n' plush comfort walker handle cover provides superior comfort for people who use walkers. The Blue Jay Walker Handle Cover confers superior comfort to the walker users. Made using plush synthetic fleece sheepskin, the walker handle pad provides a very nice warm grip for your hands. Ideal for those with arthritis, each grip is 8-inch-long and is designed to fit each walker hand cover. The warm fleece cover gives superior grip.

  • Bodycare
  • This cover pad for walkers is sntibacterial, moisture wicking and breathable keeping your skin dry and comfortable.

  • Design
  • Made with synthetic sheepskin to be gentle on hands and under arms for less friction and even pressure distribution. The Synthetic sheepskin designed naturally provides warmth in the cold.

  • Medical Assistance Tool
  • This is great for those with Arthritis. The warm fleece provides more comfort to your hands than cold metal, plastic or neoprene grips.

  • Adjustable
  • It is 8 inch long and designed to fit on almost every walker hand grip. Simply hook and loop be quickly installed without having to worry about slipping or bunching.

  • Provides the ultimate in comfort to the hands of walker users
  • Plush synthetic fleece sheepskin evenly distributes pressure
  • Handle covers wrap around the walker handgrips and stay securely in place with a hook and loop closure
  • Each set contains one pair of handgrip covers
  • Provides natural warmth in the cold
  • 8 inch long and designed to fit almost every walker handgrip
  • Washable


  • Brand: Blue Jay
  • Color: Beige
  • Size: 8 Inch