Bell-Horn Stabilized Ankle Brace

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The Bell-Horn Stabilized Ankle Brace  offers superior comfort and support for ankle stabilization. Its cool and durable flannel and mesh design ensures comfort during wear. Mimicking trainer's tape, the Figure 8 strap enhances stability. With its low-profile design, this brace can be comfortably worn inside athletic shoes. Crafted from strong, durable, and breathable material, it provides reliable support for mild to moderate sprains and is recommended for stabilizing the ankle joint post-cast removal.


  • Figure 8 strap mimics trainer's tape for increased stability
  • Low-profile design allows for wearing inside athletic shoes
  • Crafted from strong, durable, and breathable material


  • Brand: Bell-Horn
  • Size: X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
  • Material: Flannel and Mesh