Kendall Open Toe Thigh Length T.E.D Anti-Embolism Stockings, Medium - Long (pair)

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Kendall Ted Stockings, provide the perfect amount of controlled compression to aid your recovery. Built of skin-friendly material, and its user-friendly pull-up nature makes it a hassle free experience.A compression stocking prevents pooling of blood in the veins of your leg, maintaining adequate venous return. This eases pressure on the venous walls, preventing them from being weakened further-thereby reducing the chances of serious complications like thrombosis or embolism from occurring.


  • Designed to reduce venous stasis in the entire leg
  • The clinically-proven graduated compression pattern from ankle to upper thigh helps ensure optimum blood flow velocity
  • Available in small medium and large sizes. Also available in short regular and long lengths
  • Stockings does not contain latex 


  • Item Length: Thigh Length
  • Item Type: Open Toe
  • Calf Circumference: 12 - 15 Inches
  • Length: Greater Than 33 Inches
  • Color: White