Thera-Band Hand Exercise Ball- Blue-Firm

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Versatile resource for use with hands, fingers or forearms, supplied in four levels of resistant material to enable grading of the exercise or rehabilitation activity. Ideal to strengthen grip, increase dexterity or improve fine and gross motor skills. Thera-band state that these are "recommended for use with arthritis, strains, stress reduction, strengthening and many other conditions.

Why not vary the temperature which can be beneficial if the therapeutic goal is neurological as well as physical? Use at room temperature or heat, by placing in a microwave for no more than 10 seconds. To chill, place the hand exerciser in the refrigerator for 1.5-2 hours.

The Hand Exerciser can be used by patients with a variety of conditions. The product's consistency, as well as its ability to be chilled or heated are appealing features. It’s an inexpensive, yet valuable tool to help patients restore hand function Pamela Toto, Occupational Therapy Consultant and Direct Care provider.

  • Blue – Firm (our product code 56293)


  • Color : Blue
  • Weight : 0.0004
  • Brand : TheraBand